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We Specialize in 2 areas

Chefs and Kitchen Staff

1. Chefs and Kitchen Staff

Mellon Recruitment is the recruitment partner for many hospitality companies, like holiday resorts. To fulfill the seasonal demand for skilled chefs in their restaurants and the cleaning and maintenance jobs on the resorts. Because Greece is well known for its hospitality and tourist industry, Mellon Recruitment is a solid provider of eager and capable workers for this type of companies.
Factory and Maintenance

2. Factory & Maintenance

Mellon Recruitment has a broad network of healthy and trustworthy companies in both The Netherlands and Germany. These companies constantly look for fit and motivated employees that want to build a solid future for themselves and their families. Decent salaries, health insurance and housing facility are provided to ensure a good start.

We’ll Be There Every Step of the Way

In all the areas where we match we strongly believe in doing things the right way. Helping Greek people to build futures: we don’t take this lightly at Mellon Recruitment. After matching candidates with the jobs and projects at our customers’ companies, we ensure decent pay, housing facilities and onboarding at the new jobs. Although our primary focus is recruitment, we want to make sure that the match we make is sustainable. Therefore, we follow you actively along your first steps in building your future abroad.

Talk With Recruiter

Discover your opportunities, open for serious and eager candidates.


We provide lots of information about job conditions and the company you will work for. And we want to get to know you to find out if it is a good match.


If we believe that it is a good match, we propose you to our client. Most of the time the interviews take place at our branche in Chalkida with representatives of our clients being there live. This is part of our succes formula.

Get Hired and Start

After being selected we ensure that you will receive full information about your contract and onboarding at the clients’ work site in The Netherlands or Germany and in your new living environment.
Mellon = Future

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Mellon Recruitment

Office Plus Business Center

Dimitriou Gounari 78
16561 Athens

Office Greece

Office Plus Business Center

Dimitriou  Gounari 78
16561 Athens

Opening hours: 10.00-14.00.

Office Netherlands

Badweg 21
8223 PA Lelystad
The Netherlands

Contact Us

+30 2221 077367 (recruitment team Greece, office: opening hours 10.00-14.00)

+30 6974096625 / +31 625285637 (recruitment team mobile)

+31 648078363 (sales team The Netherlands)